Varanasi Locals Rakesh & Uschi have been hosting trips throughout Northern India since 2011. Establishing their itineraries through personal experience exploring the region with friends, and expanding by hosting small, and then larger international Yoga groups, Uschi & Rakesh have grown their business into a supportive model for those who wish to experience the REAL INDIA. They present a multi layered experience which is safe, protected, but also engages on a deep level with culture, customs, spirituality, and sacred geography of the locations they visit.

Offering various itineraries and hosting services for journeys through Northern India, and grounded Yoga trainings, Rakesh & Uschi are available for a multitude of hosting and advising services for India travel.
Uschi's life transitioned to India in 2008, and she has lived predominately in Varanasi ever since. Establishing a women's empowerment unit in the villages outside of Varanasi, she learned the customs and language of Varanasi so she could engage on a level very unique for a foreigner. Coming from the community of Ojai, California, USA, where she taught Yoga and coordinated Yoga events, she grew into wanting to share her passion for India with friends and an extended community. Inspired by her many years of studying the classical texts of Hinduism and Yoga with her teachers Dr. Ravi Ravindra, Kira Sloane, Patricia Sullivan, Dr. Sheleyah Courtney, and others, Uschi's sharings and discourse throughout the LuckyLalita journeys inspire guests to feel the teachings of India at a heart level. 20 years of working in the Yoga community have afforded Uschi the unique capacity to plan LuckyLalita journeys for the multi faceted needs of yoga studios & teachers from all over the world.
Native to Varanasi, Rakesh grew up working with tourists and speaks fluent English, as well as some Italian, Spanish, German, and Japanese. Born into a traditional Brahmin family from a lineage of priests and Banarsi sari merchants,  Rakesh treats his hosting with the same honor he has learned the traditions of his rich culture. Rakesh arranges all the transport and daily movements of the LuckyLalita journeys, as well as being a protector and adviser throughout.