A mystical exploration through 11 Goddesses of Yoga
March 15th-27th 2025
with Louise McCutcheon & Uschi Gibson

Join us on this soulful expedition, as we tread the path of Goddess worship,
rekindling our connection with the Divine Feminine in a land where her presence is felt  at every turn. March 2025 invites you to be a part of this empowering journey, where devotion, sisterhood, and the radiant energy of Shakti converge in a celebration of the divine within and around us. This pilgrimage is an opportunity to nurture our spiritual growth within the supportive circle of sisters, sharing the sacred legacy of Yoginis.

Louise McCutcheon
Louise is a story teller guided by myth. The power of ancient wisdom breathes life into her asana classes. At a young age she was discovered by a model scout and spent the next decade in an industry, that has since sparked a life long deep dive into the search for peace, identity and connection. Lou is an ecologist, mother of 3 and founder of Mmm Yoga in Newquay, Cornwall.  

Uschi Gibson
Growing up in the spiritual arms of Ojai, California, Uschi was inspired and initiated into the path of Goddess worship in her childhood. Following a career in the high fashion world, Uschi deepened her yoga studies, participating in her first YTT in 2002. This led her to India in 2007, where she has been based ever since. As a scholar-practitioner of the Shakta Tantra tradition, Uschi has a unique experience as a fluent Hindi speaker, and fully engaged member of the ancient Hindu culture she lives in. Her devoted study and explorations of ancient temples, sacred texts, and ritual practices, inform her teaching of Yogini movement, lectures, and curation of the yogic journeys she has been leading since 2010. Based in Varanasi with her partner & son, Uschi embodies and shares aspects of the culture only available by joining her on an adventure!