"We have been to India 3 times with Uschi and Rakesh. We keep returning because this in an extraordinary adventure with our lovely and dear friends. Uschi and Rakesh lovingly attend to all the details, making India approachable and safe while offering its authenticity. They provide a safe container so that you can fall in love. Which is what we keep doing and why we keep returning. Don’t miss days in the village, lingering on the banks of the Ganges, Shree Cafe, or Rishikesh. Transformation and love is what this is all about."
"India is one of the most magical, beautiful, and special places on Earth. It can also be very overwhelming and over stimulating. To really allow the beauty of India unfold before you, it's best to experience it with a guide who knows the customs, culture, and land. I have been working and traveling in India for the past 4 years now and every time I go, I rely on the services of LuckyLalita. Uschi and Rakesh go above and beyond the call of duty to make your Indian Pilgrimage the most abundant experience possible. They are so attentive before your arrival by coordinating flights, transportation to/from the airport, all documents you need to enter the country, and most importantly, what to bring. During you journey with them, everything you need and didn't know you needed they provide. I'd highly recommend LuckyLalita to any one planing on traveling or hosting a retreat to India."
FELIPE GONZALEZ, Laughing Lotus Yoga Studio NYC  
"If you have the opportunity to attend one of Uschi's retreats, all I can say is go for it!  She is an incredibly talented woman, full of knowledge, wisdom and energy.  I've traveled to India with her three times and to Germany once.  Each time the event was well organized, well planned, exciting, interesting and safe.  Uschi's team, including her partner Rakesh, help you to feel guided every step of the way.  From the moment you sign up she is there to help with planning, flights, visas, etc.  She offers readings and other information to give your journey context and help you mentally prepare.  And she is also just fun to travel with!  As a yoga studio owner I can tell you that it is a big leap of faith to trust someone with your students, but with Uschi, it's so easy.  You can feel confident that your students will have the journey of a lifetime."